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The Process

The Process (For Sellers)

The Process for most sales begins the same way - the initial visit

This is where we get to see and understand what and where the job is and what unique aspects each job presents and how to best accomodate the needs of the seller.

  • Is there only a few items to be sold, which we can include in another sale, or is there enough to dedicate an auction to just these goods.
  • Is this site suitable to conduct an auction on the premises or do we need another location.
  • do any of the items being sold require special attention - special marketing - clean up - repair etc.
  • Will the sale site require clean up before or after the sale
  • Does the seller have a special time line in mind
  • Are there any special restrictions on the items being sold - eg. Firearms, Automobiles etc.
  • Does the seller want to sell the property at the same time as the contents (chattels)? Ed Shafer Can list the property for sale through a conventional MLS. listing and combine the advertising for the real property and the personal property to produce an effective result in a timely manner - giving the seller one person to deal with for the entire matter.

Now we can decide what method is best - Live Auction onsite, Online Auction onsite, or removal of goods for sale at a sale room.

After the requirements of the job are sorted out we will then organize and conduct the auction sale

We use a computerized auction management system which produces all reports pertaining to the results of the sale

Payment is generally within 15 days of the sale