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The Bidder

Tips For First Time Bidders

1.When you arrive at the Auction Sale Register and get a Bid Number, the people at the counter will ask you for identification because your bid number is your charge account for the auction sale you are attending . Each time you buy something the auctioneer will ask for your bid number, keep it handy. Also the best way to signal your intention to bid on an item is to raise the bid card when the auctioneer looks in your direction. 

2. Don't be afraid, you will not buy something because you scratched your nose or checked your watch.

3. Take advantage of preview time, examine the merchandise you are interested in, and make sure it is what you want. Check condition , take measurements if needed. Examine as many items of interest as you can so that when the bidding begins you can bid with confidence. Remember all items sell "as is, where is"

4. On larger items you may need to make special pick up or delivery arrangements, you may want to inquire before you buy.

5. Make a list, many people will make a list of what they think they would like to buy and how much they will pay for it.

6. Listen to the auctioneer. when an item comes up for sale the auctioneer will tell you how he is going to sell it and if there are any special conditions. You need to listen closely on multiple items. An example is: The item selling could be 6 tea cups or 6 chairs, the auctioneer says "so much a piece" and the "buyer takes them all", meaning 6 times the bid price or "take your choice" meaning as many pieces as you want times the bid price. He may also state "as a lot" meaning bid price buys all pieces in the lot.

7. Get ready to bid . When the bidding starts the auctioneer is calling out 2 numbers - the lower number is the bid he already has - the higher number is the bid he is looking for. For example "at 25 now 30" meaning the auctioneer has a bid of $25 and is asking for a bid of $30. If you want to bid $30 just raise your bid card so that the auctioneer can see it. When he does see it he will say "at 30 now 35" - this means you are now the high bidder and the auctioneer is asking the rest of the crowd for the next bid . If he gets another bid he will come back to you again and you raise your card to signify a bid once again . When the bidding stops advancing the auctioneer will say "SOLD"- "What is your bid number ?"- If you are the high bidder hold your bid number up so that the auctioneer can read it, the purchase is then charged to your account. When you are ready to leave just go back to where you got your bid number and they will prepare your invoice.

8. Caution - don't be shy , make sure the auctioneer sees you - don't let the auctioneer miss your bid . Call out if you have to.

9. Now Have Fun


1. All bidders must register at the auction office with proper identification .

2. By signing the bidder registration , the bidder does hereby acknowledge that they have read and fully understand the "Terms Of Sale" and are willing to comply and are legally bound by same.

3. The bidder must acknowledge that they are personally liable for full payment including taxes and bidder service charge (buyer's premium) , on any lot for which they have been deemed the successful bidder , regardless of whether they (the bidder) are acting as agent for any corporation or other individual.

4. The bidder acknowledges that all items sold at the auction sale are sold on an "as is , where is" basis . " No" warranty or guaranty is offered or implied as to the condition or fitness for any specific use . It is the sole responsibility of the bidder to inspect their intended purchases . Any description of merchandise offered by the auctioneer is intended merely as a guide to bidders and may or may not be accurate.

5. The bidder acknowledges that all sales are final.

6. No bidder may retract their bid

7. All items become the responsibility of the buyer upon being awarded the high bid . It is the responsibility ofthe buyer to immediately insure and protect items they have purchased .

8. Any disputes arising during the auction sale will be settled immediately by the auctioneer at their sole discretion.

9. The purchaser is responsible for the removal of purchased items and shall pay all associated costs . Failure to remove purchased items within the specified lime may result in them being declared abandoned by the auctioneer and the auctioneer may opt to resell or remove and store said articles . In this event the buyer shall be held liable for all losses , costs , damages or expense.

10. The bidder acknowledges that an auction site is a potentially dangerous place . Persons attending the auction sale site before . during and after the sale acknowledge that they are there at their own risk . No claims whatsoever shall be made against the auctioneer , their agents , employees , principals or affiliates for any loss , injury or damages incurred .

11. The auctioneer reserves the right to refuse any applicant a bidding card . The auctioneer further reserves the right to withdraw any item from the auction sale at any time.